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Management Team

Gas Leak Detection Specialists

Jason Gimeno


Mr. Gimeno is President of GLD Projects Inc., and a non practising engineer with over 10 years of oil and gas experience. With very minimal funds raised, GLD Projects has grown steadily to become a reliable service provider to gas utility providers in Alberta. Prior to, Mr. Gimeno was the Canadian Sales manager of SPOC Automation, helping the American company expand into the Western Canadian market. After graduating from the University of Calgary with a BSc in Civil Engineering, his career began at Pembina Pipeline Corporation where he spent 2 years in the integrity group working on hydrotechnical and geotechnical small projects. He has since been privileged to work with many great oil and gas start ups such as Innovative Pipeline Crossings, ADIT Engineering, in both a technical and business development capacity. In addition, he has served under Universal Geomatics Solutions as a business intelligence manager, and since has been involved in the pipeline space in many capacities. Mr. Gimeno is passionate about dedicating his time towards the betterment of the oil and gas industry. 

Mr. Gimeno is a first generation filipino canadian who grew up in a community called Ogden in south east Calgary. His love of the oil and gas industry has steered him into working with strong and influential leaders that have contributed to his dedication to Environmental and Community Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Steven Laidlaw


Mr. Laidlaw has been GLD Project’s CEO since July 2022, and prior, he held the role of Director and VP Operations at CG Engineering for 10 years, of which he is still currently a Director. Mr. Laidlaw was instrumental in the formation of Danzig Resources, a junior producer located in south east Alberta, which recently sold to Tenth Avenue Petroleun. He has more than 20 years experience in oil and gas operations, engineering and management. Throughout his career, Mr. Laidlaw has gained exposure to raising captial for another company he owns called Reserveplus, a reserve fund study, depreciation report and reserve fund analysis software company. He has successfully made it through Platform Calgary’s incubator program GrowthX, along with securing captial funding for expansion and growth into the western and eastern provinces of Canada. He began his career with Anadarko Petroleum in 2006 as a drilling engineer, after graduating from the University of Calgary with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. 

Mr. Laidlaw grew up in a small town called Climax in Saskatchewan. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, and enjoys mentoring younger engineers and business owners. Mr. Laidlaw is a loving father that is just as active in his children’s life as he is his career. He is a strong and influential leader in his community with his contributions.

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