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Emergency Dispatch

Gas Leak Detection Specialists


Your emergency is our emergency.


We got a call from a gas co-op that they had an emergency. They were seeing up to 30% loss on a high pressure line, and were unsure where on the tap it was. Because of the leak, they were losing money everyday the leak wasn’t found and repaired.


This emergency occurred during a time when crops were almost at peak growth. Canola and peas at peak growth make it challenging to leak detect since the peas get tangled in your ankles, and canola grows up to shoulder height and is tough to pass through.


We mapped out the pipeline system, and determined where the best points of access and egress would be. As for the vegetation, our employees maintained resilience and soldiered through the challenging obstacles.


Our field staff is trained to identify signs that indicate that there may be a leak underground. Our crew found it because they saw the dead canola indicating the natural gas had killed the vegetation. Found within the first day of being out, we helped this gas co-op save money.

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