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About Us

Gas Leak Detection Specialists

Who We Are. 

GLD Projects Inc. is a gas survey and GIS mapping service provider based in Calgary, Alberta. The company was founded in 2021 with the intent of providing a reliable and technical focused customer experience. Since it’s inception, we have also expanded our scope of work to include high precision survey work and project management.

We can can help at many points throughout a pipelines lifetime. Whether it is engineering and project management from a pipelines inception, or facilitating gas leak surveys to help keep gas co-ops in compliance, we are more than happy to serve.

Our Guarantee.

We dedicate ourselves to a level of excellence that we live while at work and perhaps beyond. This is because we understand our actions and work bring value to others.


As a process driven company, we have standard operating procedures for both field work, data collection/management, and report writing.

We always show up for scheduled starts, and plan utilization months in advance. 


We nurture relationships to better understand needs and concerns. Having a candid line of feedback helps improve the standard at whcih field work and reporting is completed.
We care about your needs.


We hire technical and sophisticated individuals who are also skilled in Survey and Geospatial Mapping.

The ownership and operations group have over 30 years of combined experience building and maintaining Energy assets in Western Canada.

Our Customers.

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